Voocar is a platform that provides last mile delivery service and marketing infrastructure for merchants who participate in e-commerce selling on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp.

E-commerce & Social Commerce Sellers
Do you have a physical store, an e-commerce website or you sell on social media? We have services that help you increase your visibility and grow your sales.
Retailers & Brands
Increase Visibility and distribution for your products and services using our social and e-commerce platform. We'd love to help you achieve more.
We have a network of variety of carrier choices ranging from motorbikes,Vans,cars, and heavy-duty trucks to enable seamless transportation from the point of sale to Customer's door step.Voocar can handle every kind of delivery, no matter what size. A wide range of shipping options for a better, faster and bigger on-demand delivery service.
This is the perfect partnership for those who own a fully-registered 200CC Bike and are looking to expand their logistics business.Increase your income and maximize utility by joining our network.

If it fits, We'll handle it.

Just keep in mind, it has to fit in a box of the following dimensions 50cm x 50cm x 50cm.

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